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TEORI Brand Knife Block "SPLIT" Flair Pattern



Material: Bamboo (Bamboo antibacterial oil coating)
Sizes: W5.80in (147mm) × D5.80in (147mm) × H9.61in (244mm)
Made In Japan
Designer: Teppei Mihara*

Ask any home chef, and everyone wishes their knife holding block was better. The "Teori" knife block is both beautiful with its horizontal pattern as well as functional. Made of 100% Bamboo, this knife block is extremely durable as well as water resistant. Further design features include "breathing" holes on the bottom of the bock with sufficient space under the block for water and air to flow to prevent dulling, rusting, and bacteria growth. That means, no more moldy knife blocks or waiting for cutlery to dry before putting it away.

TEORI is situated in Kurashiki City in Okayama Prefecture in Japan, an area in which a myriad of natural bamboo groves flourish. It was established in 1988, its aim being to utilize the abundance of bamboo in the area and to prove itself useful as an environmental business; since its formation, it has focused its efforts specifically on bamboo. TEORI deals in both institutional furniture and original furniture items that highlight the processing techniques involved with laminated bamboo lumber; in recent years it has actively worked with designers who have ties to the are to create products brimming with its own personal TEORI charm, along with the advancement of the technology that goes with such creation. It endeavors to link the promotion of the region with environmental conservation, conducting a variety of research projects focusing on bamboo. Research into the development of natural bamboo paint - excellent in terms of antibacterial and bactericidal properties - is one such project.

Bamboo is hard and very dense, a material that bends well and that has an excellent compressive strength; since it is hollow inside, it cannot be swan up and used as is, as can other timber. It is split evenly, and is then boiled and carbonized so as to protect it from insects; its width is then made uniform and it is made into laminated wood. Since the strength of the timber depends on the way the grain lies., it is necessary to pay closer attention to splits and warping than it is with other timbers. As can be seen, it is a timber that involves a lot of effort; the most important and also the most difficult thing is finding a logical use for the material. Things of importance are conveyed to us in small voices. We listen carefully to the voice of the material, and with careful deliberation and the utmost care, we focus on creating things with new value. We don't just look at shapes; we research the processing and joining techniques unique to bamboo and, while casting about for a design appropriate for these techniques, focus our endeavors on the creation of high-quality products with a special eye to detail.

It takes decades before trees reach the stage where they are ready to be felled for timber. In comparison, bamboo takes only one year to mature. Bamboo that has survived the coldness of winter and the heat of summer over a period of 3-5 years is very solid, and it is at this time that it can be used as timber. This is a considerably shorter time in comparison to the length of time it takes for trees to reach the same stage. Bamboo has something that trees do not - rhizomes of bamboo (subterranean stems) - and because of this it is not necessary to plant forests of bamboo. What is required in building a sustainable society is the knowledge of adequately put these kinds of resources to practical use.

Benefits of Bamboo
• Very solid and durable
• Safe material
It is recognized that bamboo has antibacterial effect as well as relaxation
• Eco friendly
Bamboo grows faster than other timbers
Bamboo enables sustainable society
Since it lasts long time, it is a perfect material for life-long furniture.
• Unique beauty

* Designer: Teppei Mihara
Mr. Mihara was born in 1975 in Hiroshima, Japan. He graduated as a design major from Okayama University. Mr. Mihara has since come full circle in his studies and is now an assistant professor at the same University. He has also been very active in the design industry, founding "Cave Design" in 2001. Since, "Cafe Design" has achieved multiple awards and accolades for his products.


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