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Nao Watanabe by Nao Watanabe


Released: May 23, 2006Formats: Digital Download  Tracklist: 01.  Two of Us02.  End of Summer03.  Sachi04.  Sunshine05.  By My Side06.  Midnight Sea07. ...

Live With Me (Single) by Nao Watanabe


Released: 2007Format: Digital Download Tracklist: 01.  Live With Me

Sakura (Single) by Nao Watanabe


Released: April 24, 2007Format: Digital Download Tracklist: 01.  Sakura

Thank You - EP by Nao Watanabe


Released: August 24, 2010Formats: Digital Download Tracklist: 01.  Thank You02.  This Old Road03.  Star Festival04.  Summer Memories  

Thank You: Let's Sing Together by Nao Watanabe


Released: December 7, 2015Formats: Digital Download Tracklist: 01.  Thank you (with Kids)02.  Thank you (Let's Sing Together Version)03.  Thank you (Piano...

Nao EP by Nao Watanabe


Released: 2005Format: CD  Nao Watanabe is a rich, expressive vocalist with a dramatic flair. She was introduced to the Japanese artistic...

The Tortoise And The Hare by Nao Watanabe


Released: December 14th 2015Formats: Digital Download Tracklist: 01.  The Tortoise And The Hare02.  Spring Has Come03.  Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star04. ...