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[VHS] Tamayura (2000) by Kitaro

[VHS] Tamayura (2000) by Kitaro


Produced by Kitaro, Tamayura is a unique combination of Kitaro's signature sound married to visuals performed by Kochi Tamano and Harupin-Ha Butoh Dance Theater who bring the characters of the story to life. With costumes by Heather Hanse and choreography by Koichi Tamano, Tamayura features wildly colorful scenes and surreal, almost magical dance routines. Tracks include: Magma, Mercury, Sitara, Nageki, Beam Wave and Uranus.

Song List

01. Introduction
02. Magma
03. Mercury
04. Sitara
05. Nageki
06. Beam Wave
07. Uranus
08. Credits

Approximate Running Time: 68 Minutes

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