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[VHS] Kojiki (1999) by Kitaro

[VHS] Kojiki (1999) by Kitaro


Kitaro, who's been called "the quintessential musician of the New Age", has been breaking barriers, geographically and musically since the late 1970's. His World Tour, recorded live, is even more forceful, intimate and direct than studio incarnations. Kojiki: A Story in Concert, translated as "The Record of Ancient Matters", is a compilation of traditional Japanese lore that was recited orally from generation to generation until the 8th century. Whether on the eerie "Hajimari", the lyrical "Sozo", the sorrowful "Koi", the haunting melancholy of "Nageki", or "Reimei", with its electric guitar jam session, Kitaro's music has never been sharper or more spirited.

01. Hajimari
02. Sozo
03. Koi
04. Orochi
05. Nageki
06. Matsuri
07. Reimei

Approximate Running Time: 55 Minutes

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