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Unconscious Ruckus (2004) by Appogee

Unconscious Ruckus by Appogee

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Released: August 24, 2004
Format: CD / Digital Download

Emerging from LA's underground experimental electronic music scene and playing alongside the likes of Dntel (The Postal Service), Planktonman (Nortec Collective), and The Mutaytor, comes “Unconscious Ruckuss”, the highly anticipated debut album by Appogee.

A combination of song, synthesis and sound, Appogee pushes the boundaries of sonic exploration and deftly combines the art of songwriting with forward thinking musical collages. Avant-garde electronic artistry at its finest, “Unconscious Ruckuss” captivates audiences with its beautiful display of chaotic rhythms and blissful melodies. Organic, human subtleties intertwine with sophisticated programming and composition, resulting in a unique, hypnotic sound that keeps Appogee's fanbase growing… and growing… and growing…

"Uncounscious Ruckuss flows from mellow flowerchild music to tight and hard-edged electronic rhythms with screaming guitar; creative, unpredictable, melodic and very enjoyable." - Pat Murphy, KXLU

"Indie rock abducted by aliens" - edIT

"Redeeming electronic music from its undeserved, and hopefully soon to be dead, stigma of being 'without soul'" - Phthalocyanine


01. Epiphany
02. Ntheme
03. This Moment
04. Y Illuminative
05. Creeper
06. Coral
07. I'm Yours
08. KDDR Mov. 2
09. KDDR Mov. 3
10. Meaning of Life

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