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Serenity (1998) by Dave Eggar

Dave Eggar - Serenity

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Released: October 20, 1998
Format: CD / Digital Download

In addition to his celebrated work in the classical and new classical worlds, Dave's mastery of contemporary improvisational styles has earned him numerous nationwide competitions, solo spots with marquee artists and critical acclaim for film scores. On his debut release, he named this beautiful collection of neo-classical piano pieces, Serenity. With this critically acclaimed work, Dave takes you on an inner journey of intense beauty, breathtaking brillance, and impeccable craftsmanship in the most intimate of settings.


01. Sorrow's Call
02. Rise
03. Dream of Joe
04. Zephyrs
05. Dakota Song
06. Parting Waters
07. Rune
08. Daniel
09. Brittle Cloud
10. Rude Awakening
11. A Western Wind
12. Putnam's Bridge
13. Diaphony

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