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Sapphron Obois (1999) by Sapphron Obois

Sapphron Obois by Sapphron Obois

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Released: March 23, 1999
Format: CD / Digital Download

Sapphron Obois' self titled debut is an impressive collection of jazz music that highlights her impeccable and genuinely impressive saxophone skills and arrangements.

Nothing less than a brightly shining salute to the cosmic pulse, this collection transcends the ordinary state of consciousness and will uplift your spirit and invigorate with positive energy.

Featured guest performances include Ray Obiedo, Joy Julks and Phil Schroeder.


01. Sweet Dreams
02. Let's Try Again
03. Soulmates
04. I've Been Calling U
05. See You Next Time
06. Deja Vu
07. Never Say Never
08. I Loved You Forever
09. Libra Moon
10. Sausalito
11. Nairobi Nights

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