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Fiddle Witch & The Demons Of Doom - Midnight Mayhem

Fiddle Witch & The Demons Of Doom - Midnight Mayhem



Release Date : June 10, 2016
Catalog : 73236-2
Format : CD, Digital Download (AAC, Mp3)

Penned by band members Jo Bird, Geoffrey Muller and SPIKE the Percussionist with a special performance by guest vocalist Jesse Madera , “Midnight Mayhem” reflects the group’s collaborative spirit, unique instrumentation and sound.  The band received raves and accolades as winners of the Houston Press Music Award for the Best New Act of 2015.  The new single was released on the heels of the band's just inked contract with Domo Music Group.

Of the band, producer Ulrich Wild said, “It’s very rewarding to work with new and exciting artists such Jo Bird, Geoffrey Muller and Spike the Percussionist who fearlessly conquer new ground.  The new single by Fiddle Witch and the Demons of Doom, Midnight Mayhem marries electric viola and Death Metal into a mutant pagan ritual.”

Jo Bird said, “We’re excited to unleash Midnight Mayhem onto the unsuspecting world that leads us to new avenues.”  Geoffrey Muller added, “We had an amazing time working with Ulrich Wild on this new track.  Powerful and creepy, it contains all of the intricacies you would expect from a Fiddle Witch and the Demons of Doom track!”  SPIKE The Percussionist concludes, “The new noiz really pushed us into a new experience and an unexpected direction with themes ranging from sinister classical elements to exotic world motifs.  This new track is quite a sonic adventure.”

Fiddle Witch and the Demons of Doom features the talents of Jo Bird, Geoffrey Muller and SPIKE the Percussionist.  Jo Bird conceived the notion of Fiddle Witch in 2012 as a way to further explore her diverse musical influences.  At that time, Bird was referred to SPIKE the Percussionist who shared her classical training and passion for metal and rock music.  Veteran Houston Bassist and session musician Geoffrey Muller rounds out the trio.  Fiddle Witch and the Demons of Doom look forward to a “Mayhem” filled 2016 on the heels of their new release and upcoming tour dates.  The track was produced and engineered by Ulrich Wild at The Wilderness.  See more on producer Ulrich Wild at

| T R A C K S |
01.  Midnight Mayhem

| C R E D I T S |
Engineered by Ulrich Wild
Mastering : Maor Appelbaum
Executive Producer : Eiichi Naito
Artists + Repertoire: Dino Malito

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