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Seda Bağcan - Love

Seda Bağcan - Love



Release Date : June 1st, 2018
Catalog : 73254-2
Format : CD, Digital Download (AAC, Mp3)

Seda Bağcan’s sixth album will unify your consciousness with love, light and peace.

 All instruments on this album were tuned and recorded at 444 Hz in order to achieve the 528 Hz frequency, also known as the Love frequency. According to Dr. Leonard Horowitz, this frequency resonates and connects our heart and spiritual essence to our planet and universe. 

| T R A C K S |
01. We Are All Love

02. I Pray For Love
03. Pacha Mama
04. Shumnu Amai
05. Ad Guray Nameh
06. Hari Har Hari
07. Adi Shakti

| C R E D I T S |
Arranged by Ekin Eti, Seda Bağcan
Executive Producer : Eiichi Naito
Artists + Repertoire : Dino Malito
Mixing + Mastering : Deneb Pinjo

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