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Journey to the Heart Vol. 4 (2002) by Various Artists

Journey to the Heart Vol. 4 by Various Artists


Released: September 24, 2002
Formats: Digital Download

Journey to the Heart IV "Music For Massage" is the fourth in a series of healing music releases intended to heal the Mind, Body & Spirit. It's a voyage to the inner places of calm, comfort and contentment that will transport the listener to a safe, secure and relaxing place.
Music for Massage has been designed to assist the listener and massage practitioners to be open to being relaxed, rejuvenated, invigorated and healed. This series is refreshing and magnificently performed to compliment the massage and it's deeper forms such as Shiatsu, Thai, Rolfing, and Hellerwork, during or after a treatment. Relaxation and sense of well-being can be sought through many paths and this CD can help one to be open and fully receptive to healing and revitalization.
A musical travelogue to places both geographically far away, Music for Massage draws inspiration from many artists, cultures and traditions that include Kitaro, Dave Eggar, Benedetti & Svoboba, Uma, Luis Villegas, and Yu-Xiao Guang.


01. Linden - Yu-Xiao Guang
02. Grace - Uma
03. Dr. Sun & Ching-Ling - Kitaro
04. Peace Within - Bendetti & Svoboda
05. Rebirth - Lee Blaske
06. Aqua Blue - Shinji
07. Air - Steve Anderson
08. Itonami - Kitaro
09. The Embrace - Dave Eggar
10. Inside - Luis Villegas
11. Lunar Dance - Luis Perez


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