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Journey To The Heart, Volume 2

Journey To The Heart, Volume 2

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Released: July 9, 2002
Formats: CD / DVD / Digital Download

Journey to the Heart "Music for Meditation" is the second in a series of healing music releases that focuses on the Mind, Body & Spirit. Dave Eggar, Kitaro, Uma, Steven DeRuby, Gary Lamb and Luis Perez as well as many others have contributed tracks to this thematic compilation. With it's many flavors and endless colors, this collection is a magical trek that will sooth, calm and uplift the mind and heart with a wide range of cavalcade artists and critically acclaimed music.
"Music for Meditation" is an evocative, enriching journey with a vision of interactivity to transport toward the calm of the inner self. This CD is also available in full length DVD with evocative nature imagery.


01. Joy - Uma
02. Nageki - Kitaro
03. Softly My Heart - Stephen DeRuby
04. In The Cathedral - Gary Lamb
05. Song Without Words - Mendelssohn
06. Aurora's Dream - Luis Perez
07. A Drop Of Silence - Kitaro
08. Through The Mirror - Lee Blaske
09. Peace - Yu-Xiao Guang
10. Brittle Cloud - Dave Eggar

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