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Lee Blaske - Journey Of A Vampire

Lee Blaske - Journey Of A Vampire

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Release Date : September 8, 1998
Catalog : 46311-2
Format : CD, Digital Download (AAC, Mp3)

Released: September 8, 1998

Format: CD / Digital Download

You are in a small room with the vampire, face to face, as he speaks . . . as he pours out the hypnotic, shocking, moving and erotically charged confessions of his first two hundred years as one of the living dead.

He speaks quietly, plainly, even gently . . . carrying you back to the night when he departed human existence as human . . . young, romantic, cultivated and accepted the hunger.

Journey Of A Vampire goes beyond the allure of that first immortal kiss. Only desire lives here beside the sultry, sometimes haunting classical melody that conjures up images between the ancient and the eternal.

We invite you to join Lee Blaske on this dark and sensuous voyage. This is rich, warm and completely tantalizing music designed to captivate the soul.

| T R A C K S |
01. Between Darkness and Light
02. The Fragile Dawn
03. Dark Angel
04. Rebirth
05. Strange Lullaby
06. Behind The Day
07. Through The Mirror

| C R E D I T S |
Executive Producer : Mitch Rabin, Owen Husney
Graphic Design : Night Netwerk Productions

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