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ViVA Girls - Inspiration

ViVA Girls - Inspiration



Release Date : September 13, 2011
Catalog : 73149-2
Format : CD, Digital Download (AAC, Mp3)

INSPIRATION is the Full-length Debut CD release from the uniquely talented, all-girl group from China, The ViVA GIRLS. And The ViVA Girls are truly Inspirational in so many ways. Through their music, these 12 young ladies, having been classically trained and hailing from some of the most prestigious Schools and Universities in the world are an inspiration to women all over the globe.

Their US Full-Length DEBUT release is an amazing ten track collection of music mastered by the ViVA Girls. "After Dawn" and "Two Hearts" spotlight the Girls' ability to create soothing sounds while displaying their amazing musicality on their eclectic collection of instruments.

In concert, the Viva Girls present one of the most impressive and visually pleasing concert performances one can experience. Their East meets West twist is a unique blend of classical, pop and world music genres and is quickly becoming extremely popular, especially with American audiences.

Creating traditional Chinese music that appeals to younger audiences who love pop music is a challenge the Viva Girls are INSPIRED and excited to conquer. The 12 classically-trained female musicians who comprise the VIVA Girls perform on traditional Chinese instruments and blur the lines between American music with the traditional sounds on China. The result is an amazing modern-traditional musical hybrid with the intention of pleasing pop sensitive audiences, while staying true to the 12 girls’ musicality and Asian roots.

| T R A C K S |
01. After Dawn
02. Two Hearts
03. Another Time
04. Dream
05. The River Of Change
06. Autumn Wind
07. It's Been Years
08. Violet Leaves
09. Love And Hope
10. Tears For You (Chinese Version)

| C R E D I T S |
Produced by Krishan Sharma and Wen-Kai Ying
Executive Producer : Marcus Yuen, Kyle Kim, Eiichi Naito
Mixed by Krishan Sharma
Mastered by Tim Gennert
Artists + Repertoire : Dino Malito
Graphic Design : Kio Griffith

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