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Kitaro - Daylight, Moonlight Live in Yakushiji

Kitaro - Daylight, Moonlight Live in Yakushiji

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Original Version Released: October 8, 2002
DVD Reissue Version Released: August 7, 2015

Formats: CD / DVD / Digital Download

From the opening chant of the Yakushiji monks, it is apparent that this is going to be a special offering from Kitaro. The legendary World Music pioneer's latest album is a two-CD set recorded over three evenings in the sacred Yakushiji Temple in the ancient Japanese capital, Nara.

With full instrumentation, Kitaro reprises nine favorite compositions from earlier albums, plus his Golden Globe Award-Winning theme from the Oliver Stone film "Heaven and Earth" and two previously unreleased tracks. This is a tour de force for Kitaro and ensemble. All the drama, grace and humanity of his usual offerings are here with the added immediacy of the live recording and the profound spirit of the Yakushiji monks who appear on the previously unreleased "Wa" in addition to the opening track. Live in Yakushiji is a broad and deep journey, to inner realms as well as exotic earthly destinations. After his journey, you will definitely feel like you've gone somewhere!!

Also available in DVD with an exclusive interview with Kitaro and History of the Yakushiji Temple.


Disk 1
01. Monk's Introduction
02. Hajimari/Sozo
03. Caravansary
04. Silk Road
05. Magma
06. Mercury

Disk 2
01. Water of Mystery
02. Estrella
03. Koi
04. Wa
05. Free Flight
06. Heaven and Earth


[DVD Details]

Special DVD Features:
Digitally Remastered Tracks
Interactive Menus
Mixed to Stereo and 5.1 Surround Sound
History of the Yakushiji Temple
Exclusive artists interview
Approximate Running Time: 132 Minutes
Region: All Region



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