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[BOX SET] Treasures Of Chinese Instrumental Music Box Set (2012) (3 Left)


With a folk cultural inheritance spanning 5000 years, this comprehensive and limited edition CD box set, Treasures Of Chinese Instrumental Music, represents the finest in recordings of traditional Chinese instrumental music from ancient times to the present-day. The amazing collection of previously unreleased music includes popular works performed in solo, duet, ensemble and large ensemble orchestral combinations including well-known masters such as Liu Tianhua, Hua Yanjun, Guan Pinghu, Wu Jinglue, Wei Chungloh, Lu Wencheng, Liu Mingyuan, Qin Pengzhang as well as The Oriental Angels Ensemble, Taipei Liuqin Chamber Orchestra, Central Philharmonic Orchestra, Shanghai Chinese Orchestra and The China Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra.

Containing 273 songs and over 25 hours of music, the 22-CD Boxed set also includes an extensive 199-page written historical and biographical book featuring information on each performer with program notes on individual compositions. Additionally, a bonus 171-page book containing essays on the history and development of instrumental music in China is also included. Both of these books -- a must for collectors -- are written in Chinese with full translations in English.

This indispensable, historic collection of music is an informative and cultural treasure for aficionados of global music history, high school and collegiate music history student class studies, as well as cultural appreciation.

Album List

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01. Guqin
02. Pipa
03. Guzheng
04. Erhu
05. Dizi
06. Plucked String Instruments
07. Bowed Instruments
08. Wind Instruments
09. Orchestral & Ensemble Works
10. Ensemble, Wind & Percussion
11. Concerto

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