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Akasau - Akasau

Akasau - Akasau

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Release Date : July 27, 2004
Catalog : 73031-2
Format : CD, Digital Download (AAC, Mp3)

Akasau is an avant-garde musical hybrid featuring Kirilo'la', one of the founding members of the groundbreaking Japanese pop group, Ex-Girls. This disc finds kirilo'la' at her creative, spiritual best and highlights the beauty and power of the human voice. Minimal instrumentation allows Kirilo'la's haunting vocals to shine through Zen-like sonic textures and traditional Japanese sounds, while a healing array of vibratory frequencies work to stimulate each of the chakras.

Truly a cutting edge album, Akasau fascinates and soothes, while taking the listener on a spiritual journey transcending space and time. The foundation of this musical journey is based upon Reiki meditation and spiritual healing. Seven of the eight tracks are directed towards energy for specific problems, leaving the eighth track a song for the entire body.

The essence of this CD is harmony, and indeed it does achieve this in different aspects. Kirilo'la's voice itself has both a renewing and soothing sound, enough to place anyone into a deep relaxed state. Background sounds, such as the bells beautifully rung by kirilo'la' counterpart, Renge, are enough to not only bring peace but a steady train of thought. The duo themselves are a perfect ying-yang combination, with a high octave voice and a steady ring of bells.

This CD is truly a milestone for Kirilo'la', which catches her in the unique solo realm. Anyone looking for music to heighten spiritual exercises, or to relax from a hectic day, should own this CD. It is far more than just a soothing voice and background percussion. It is an experience that goes beyond body and mind, and always leads to relaxation.

| T R A C K S |
01. Kolohono
02. Yuguliokite
03. Ying & Yang
04. Haleshi
05. Hinikoita
06. Hohenhiho
07. Kaelutoki
08. Notokono

| C R E D I T S |
Composed, Arranged and Performed and Produced by Kirilola
Recorded by Ryo Uemura and Kohsuke Nakamura
Mixed and Mastered by Ryo Uemura
Executive Producer : Eiichi Naito
Artists + Repertoire : Dino Malito
Graphic Design : Kio Griffith

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