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Kitaro - Best of Silk Road

Kitaro - Best of Silk Road



Release Date : May 21, 2021
Catalog : 73014-2
Format : CD, Digital Download (AAC, Mp3)

Written as the soundtrack to the long-running Japanese television series Silk Road, the music blends Kitaro's influences from traditional Japanese music and the romantic Western tradition. The documentary, about the ancient Silk Road that links Europe to China, became one of Japan's most famous television series.

A growing international contingent of fans grew quickly to admire Kitaro's soundtrack as a masterpiece for its serene and seductive arrangements, gentle melodies and combination of lush, majestic textures. The Silk Road music became a phenomenon that identified Kitaro by millions worldwide.

This soundtrack features a previously unreleased version of the "Theme from Silk Road" as well as "Pray at Xian/Mercury", which was recorded live in Xian, China during Kitaro's 2002 Silk Road tour.

| T R A C K S |

01. Theme From Silk Road
02. Bell Tower
03. Flying Celestial Nymphs (Huqin - Yu-Xiao Guang)
04. Mirage
05. Linden (Huqin - Yu-Xiao Guang)
06. 40800 (Huqin - Yu-Xiao Guang)
07. Taklamakan Desert (Huqin - Yu-Xiao Guang)
08. Load of Wind
09. Caravansary (Huqin - Yu-Xiao Guang)
10. Moon-Star
11. Pray At Xian/Mercury

| C R E D I T S |
Composed, Arranged and Produced by Kitaro
Executive Producer : Eiichi Naito
Artists + Repertoire, Compilation Producer : Dino Malito
Mastering : Doug Sax
Graphic Design : Kio Griffith

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