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Cafe Olé (1998) by Luis Villegas

Cafe Olé by Luis Villegas

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Released: October 6, 1998
Format: CD / Digital Download

Luis Villegas' brand of Latin music is equal parts finger-shredding arpeggios, infectious rhythms, languid, hypnotic jams and intricate unforgettable melodies. His band percolates with passion while Luis' virtuoso guitar floats above the fire. Cafe Olé features his band augmented by first-call players -Abraham Labriel, Greg Bissonette and Steve Reid.
Cafe Olé defines a new musical style based on the synthesis of many forms. Luis delivers a pure, passionate performance and ignites excitement on all conceivable musical borders.


01. Baby Elephants
02. Banana Bay
03. S.O.B. (South of the Border)
04. Una Guitarra
05. Chiquilla
06. Cafe Olé
07. Inside
08. Mas y Mas
09. Mujer y Mujer
10. Noches Guitanas
11. Don Quixote
12. New Moon
13. Spider Hugs

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