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NINJA SCROLL - Original Soundtrack (2003) by Various Artists

Various Artists - NINJA SCROLL - Original Soundtrack

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Released: August 26, 2003
Format: CD / Digital Download

Ninja Scroll, a 13-episode TV series making its debut earlier this year in Japan, will be released this fall on DVD. The series is a continuation of the wildly popular and award-winning anime feature film (of the same name), written and directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri. Taking place in ancient Japan,Ninja Scroll is the story of a wandering Ninja warrior named Jubei.

The music for this soundtrack is co-scored by Golden Globe & Grammy Award winning artist Kitaro and multi-instrumentalist and composer, Peter(Peas)McEvilley.


01. Jubei's Theme by Kitaro
02. Sure Shot by Peter McEvilley
03. All We Are by Peter Mc Evilley, Rachel Leslie(vocal)
04. Peppercorn-Tsubute's Theme by Peter McEvilley
05. Ninja Femme Fatale by Peter McEvilley
06. Gales of Wind (Dance Mix) by Peter Mc Evilley
07. Drifting Journey by Peter McEvilley
08. Hikari by Peter McEvilley
09. Only the Night by Peter McEvilley, Rachel Leslie(vocal)
10. Itinerancy -Dakuan's Theme- by Peter McEvilley
11. Glory by Peter McEvilley
12. Peaceful Village by Peter Mc Evilley
13. Shigure's Theme by Kitaro

Bonus Track (not on the soundtrack)
Secret Maneuvers

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