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[Special Set] Kitaro '80 Release Series

[Special Set] Kitaro '80 Release Series

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Kitaro '80 Release Series

This set includes:
- Tenku (Originally released in 1986)
- The Light of the Spirit (Originally released in 1987)
- The Best of Ten Years (Originally released in 1988)



The title, which means "heavenly sky", reflects the open air environment of Kitaro's home studio. On the opening track, a child's laughter is heard. The album's theme concerns images and impressions of childhood.

"I send a message of sound toward the sky, engulfing empty space, soaring far beyond grasp, high above the mountain tops, beyond ocean waves, stretching to reach the Andes and lightly touching Nepal . . . now catch the sound and feel the light by feeling things which are with life . . . this is a beginning - connecting the dream to the color of your breathless heart - peace and tranquility, you need only to sing . . . it is for you" --Kitaro

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The Light of the Spirit


Co-produced by Grateful Dead drummer, Mickey Hart, The Light of the Spirit blends cinematic melodies and images from nature to explore spiritual aspects of the life cycle.

Featuring an ensemble of musicians and digitally remastered tracks, The Light of the Spirit is an enthralling exploration of melodic imagery and includes the Grammy nominated song, "The Field".

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The Best Ten Years


Long recognized as one the most acclaimed recording artists in the Orient, Kitaro has always taken his music far beyond the borders of his native Japan. He has reached millions of people on every continent with his stellar recordings.
Though his public presence has always been cloaked in the tradition and mysticism of the culture into which he was born, Kitaro's music does not yield to boundaries or national categories. His compositions weave "a boundless playworld of a thousand pictures and a web of gentleness and wonderment".

This two disc set features the best of Kitaro from 1976-1986. It features music from his best selling albums during this period including Silk Road, Oasis, India, Millenia, Ki, Tunhuang and Silver Cloud.

Realize this original and universal soul who has become the master of the wordless lyric and experience the peace and harmony of this collection.

Writers have hinted at the healing properties of his "Sound Pictures" and Kitaro has acknowledged that his purpose is to calm the inner person: "the wars in the world don't come from outer space . . . people create them, people who have a war within themselves. I want to create music that eases that war within".

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