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[IMPORT] Trace (2011) by DSK

[IMPORT] Trace by DSK

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Released: 2011

The CD comes with a photo book shot in collaboration with the great sports photographer Neil Hartmann.

Daisuke “DSK” Kojima is the well-known producer & guitarist of the popular acoustic Japanese band Port of Notes. He also produced the world club anthem, “AURORA”, with Chari Chari as their unit AURORA ACOUSTIC. At last, he has produced an album of his own organic sounding guitar solos.

This album was used for the theme in the Car Danchi movies, a well-known series about snowboarding. The artwork of his CD and photobook were designed by the movie director of Car Danshi - the videographer and the snowboarder Neil Hartmann.

Daisuke “DSK” Kojima’s profile

08’ The album Ultramontane was released
09’ The album I always think about you was released

From 97’
He debuted and released four albums as Port of Notes with Miyuki Hatakeyama. 08’ They released their 10th anniversary CD, Blue Arpeggio. 09’ They released their 4th album Luminous Halo~ Bakuzen To Kagayaku Kousai~. It was produced by Jess Harris and recorded in New York.

He coproduced and played guitar on the song “Aurora” on Chari Chari’s (Kaoru Inoue) album. The song has been spun as a dance anthem by many DJs around the world and compiled in various dance compilation albums. This collaboration motivated them to form the guitar duo, Aurora Acoustic; they have released three albums.

Daisuke worked on his solo career as DSK and released three albums. His song “Winter Lane” from his 2nd album Exhaust Note was remixed by famous Japanese hip-hop producer Nujabes and was also compiled in various compilation albums. Tracks from his 3rd album DSK presents Modest were used in snowboard and surf movies such as Ue Snowboarder, Car Danchi 3, and Velvet.

Presently, he is working on his solo work, Port of Notes, Aurora Acoustic, and a unit with a classical harp player Sai Ailing and Shimoda Michiharu from Silent Poet. He also has collaborated and performed alongside Hiroshi Fujiwara, Hidefumi Kano, Yu-ming, Tommy Guerrero, FPM, KJM, Clammbon, Studio Apartment, Kahimi Karie, Celemontine, and Eri Nobuchika.

Neil Hartmann’s Profile

•Photographer and video creator
•Born in San Diego

Presently, Neil Hartmann is a photographer for magazines like Honeyee Mag, Trans-World Snowboarding, Snowstyle, Spray, Outdoor Japan, and many more. He also does video production under his own label, One Films, including as the Car Danchi series. Neil also has done the occasional MC or TV hosting job for Nissan’s X-Trail Jam at Tokyo Dome. He is a well-known, charismatic photographer in Japanese hardcore snowboarding scene.

Neil says on his career, “Life is good, and I’m very grateful!”

Track List

01. A Hike
02. Park
03. Ruff & Fine
04. Fall Line
05. Everest 2011
06. Moonlight In The Forest
07. Yeti
08. Great Dimension
09. Full Moon Mountain
10. Into The Stone
11. Stove
12. Pale Purple
13. Rain (2011 Mix) *Bonus Track
14. Setagaya Labyrinth *Bonus Track


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