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[DVD-Audio] Best of Silk Road (2003) by Kitaro

[DVD-Audio] Best of Silk Road (2003) by Kitaro

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Internationally renowned Japanese composer Kitaro has, since the early 1970s, consistntly created music to help people connect with the Earth and to feel the surrounding Universe. Influenced by his reverence for and appreciation of nature, the multiple Grammy-winner creates music tht conjures up images of humanity's habitat, incorporationg thesounds of waves, wind, and rain into his compositions. Kitaro'ssoundtrack for the long-running and popular route linking Europe to China, seamlessly blends influences from both Eastern and Western sources. It quickly came to be regarded as a simple, the soundtrack has garnered Kitaro a devoted worldwide following, and has provided inspiration and healing for many. This selection features a previously unreleased version of th "Theme from Silk Road", and "Pray at Xian/Mercury", which was recorded live in China during Kitaro's2002 Silk Road Tour. Other tracks include "Linden", "TaklamakanDesert", and "Moon-Star".

Exclusive photos, biography, and discography Included (No performance image)

Region: Region All

Song List

01. Theme From Silk Road
02. Bell Tower
03. Flying Celestial Nymphs
04. Mirage
05. Linden
06. 40800
07. Takla Makan Desert
08. Lord of Wind
09. Caravansary
10. Moon-Star
11. Pray At Xian / Mercury - (live)

Approximate Running Time: 68 Minutes

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