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[SPECIAL SET] Kitaro Vinyl Complete Collection (6 Vinyls)

[SPECIAL SET] Kitaro Vinyl Complete Collection (6 Vinyls)

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Kitaro Special Vinyl Set

This vinyl set includes:
- Peace On Earth
- Kojiki
- Impressions Of The West Lake
- Sacred Journey Of Ku-Kai Vol.4
- Final Call
- Thinking Of You (Remastered)

Peace On Earth

LIMITED EDITION / 12 Inch LP Record (180 Gram Vinyl) (HiFi Audio)

The perfect backdrop for the holiday season! Peace on Earth is the first holiday album by the Grammy and Globe Award winning composer, Kitaro. This New Age master takes long-time holiday favorite and orchestrates them like only Kitaro can, with ethereal overtones, spiritual subtleties and bursts of theatrical effects. In addition to classics like "Silent Night" and "The Little Drummer Boy," the album also includes an original Christmas composition by Kitaro. Having sold over 150,000 units to date, Peace on Earth is an atmospheric and intriguing holiday album that merges the finest of Eastern and Western culture, instilling harmony and peaceful co-existence through melodies of passion and drama.

Originally released in 1996, this re-release represents the first time this landmark Kitaro album has appeared on vinyl. This 180 gram vinyl recording will be essential for all Kitaro fans (and new discoverers) this holiday season. Peace on Earth will soon take its place alongside the classic collections of holiday songs in your own record collection.

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LIMITED EDITION / 12 Inch LP Record (180 Gram Vinyl) (HiFi Audio)

Kojiki is an inspired musical journey based on the ancient chronicle (Kojiki) that recounts the birth of Japan and its people. Featuring the string section from the Skywalker Symphony, along with Kitaro’s signature keyboard and ? ute sounds, the score to this thematic backdrop is full of passion and beauty that is masterfully conceived, arranged and performed. Kojiki is an intimate journey to inner realms as well as exotic earthly destinations. This is a tour de force for Kitaro and his ensemble, offering drama, grace, and humanity, performed with a profound spirit in this musical adaptation of legends from traditional Japanese folklore.

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Impressions of the West Lake

LIMITED EDITION / 12 Inch LP Record (180 Gram Vinyl) (HiFi Audio)



Impressions of the West Lake is a modern day opera conceived and directed by internationally acclaimed ? lmmaker Zhang Yimou (Hero, Curse of the Golden Flower), the visionary artist behind the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. The production’s music was composed by Kitaro and the opera marks a reunion for him with music arranger Randy Miller, the pair’s ? rst effort together since the Golden Globe-winning soundtrack to Oliver Stone’s 1993 ?lm Heaven and Earth. In addition, the show’s soundtrack features rising Chinese pop star Jane Zhang, a gifted young performer who provides stunning vocals to the production on the title track. With Impressions of the West Lake, Kitaro continues to explore new, uncharted terrain with his magni?cently expansive vision and ever-questing spirit.

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Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai Volume 4

LIMITED EDITION / (DOUBLE) 12 Inch LP Record (180 Gram Vinyl) (HiFi Audio)


Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai Volume 4 is the fourth in a series of a collection of works and peace-themed albums inspired by the classic Buddhist pilgrimage to the 88 sacred temples on Japan's remote Shikoku Island. Inspired by a journey taken by the beloved Buddhist monk Ku-Kai over a millennium ago, via the music contained in Sacred Journey of Ku-kai Volume 4, Kitaro continues to explore uncharted waters with his magnificently expansive vision and ever-questing spirit.

This album breaks new ground from the previous three CD's in this unique series of recordings. Steve Kindler's outstanding artistry on the violin adds a new dimension to the series. This expanded musical direction on Ku-Kai comes partially as a result of his unusual background and the location of the Temples spotlighted in volume 4. Violinist Kindler played in The Honolulu Symphony, but he cut his jazz chops as a member of John McLaughlin's fusion band making this particular musician a perfect fit for Kitaro's non-stop exploration of music's possibilities.

In a departure from volumes 1-3, the Temples featured in Ku-Kai 4 are located closer to the Pacific Ocean. In this release, Kitaro is channeling a uniquely different part of the island and the journey through his music. Kitaro, the consummate musical storyteller, is now relating a part of the legend of Ku-Kai that connects us to his story and 'peace' not easily told but ultimately understood.


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Final Call

As a homage to Kitaro's lifetime reverence for Nature, Final Call is a voyage of introspection specifically concerned about how we treat our planet. It’s Kitaro’s assertion that the planet itself is crying out and warning us about potential serious consequences if we don’t address these global issues in a timely fashion.

In his own words, Kitaro describes his new musical work, "I have always felt we all must respect the providence of the Universe. Unfortunately, through the course of time and the growth of civilization, many living creatures that we now know will become extinct. If we don't alter how we treat each other and our planet Earth, many habitats and portions of this earth may become devastated and eventually disappear. This album is the story of an epic voyage... A voyage of hope that all living creatures can someday live happily in harmony with each other. The story begins from where we board for departure."

Kitaro is universally acknowledged as the founding architect of new age music. His various sound collaborations and resonant, multi-textured compositions truly defy the constraints of any genre. The Grammy and Golden Globe-winning Kitaro has garnered global acclaim over a more than three decade long career with a signature sound and a pioneering fusion of cultures, techniques and spheres of consciousness that are truly his own.

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Thinking Of You (Remastered)


- LIMITED EDITION 12 Inch LP Record (180 Gram Vinyl) (HiFi Audio)

For over 40 years and throughout his musical career, Kitaro has been a truly groundbreaking artist known for his amazing live performances and music that blurs the lines between many musical genres including classical, jazz, rock, new age and world music.

After earning multiple nominations for his work, Kitaro landed his first Grammy Award in 2000 for “Thinking Of You” Moved by the nomination for Best New Age Album, he asserted, “My ultimate goal is to continue expressing my feelings through music for audiences around the world that continue to enjoy it. I am extremely pleased to have been nominated for the seventh time, but more so to finally capture this prestigious award.”

Marking the 15th year anniversary of this landmark release, “Thinking Of You” features new artwork and is available on CD and 180-gram Vinyl, newly remastered from the original source tapes.

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