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Celestial Scenery: Silent Praying Vol. 2 by Kitaro

Celestial Scenery: Silent Praying Vol. 2 by Kitaro


Released: August 23, 2011
Format: Digital Download 

Kitaro s second album in the Celestial Scenery compilation, Silent Prayer, is only nine tracks long but clocks in just under an hour of music.  Naming a recording "Silent" anything is the same sort of Zen reserved for questions like "What is the sound of one hand clapping?" Kitaro & Yu-Xiao Guang are in the right frame of thought here, and produced a soothing piece of work that helps the listener to focus on achieving an ideal state for mediation.  Their New Age sound is peppered by electronic pings and pongs, harp, Japanese flute, rainstick work, and uplifting compositions from a full symphony orchestra.  The pieces on Silent Prayer are not unlike to the finales on wuxia film soundtracks; it s easy to picture a lone victorious swordsman in the center a verdant forest, surrounded majestic mountains, and a pristine lake bathed in the late afternoon sun.


01.  Thinking Of You
02.  Koi
03.  A Drop Of Silence
04.  Nageki (Live)
05.  Peace
06.  Tenku
07.  Cosmic Love
08.  Island Of Life
09.  Heaven And Earth (Live)

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